I know it's hard to believe that the yellow letter can be such a dynamic and powerful real estate marketing tool. After all, it's only a simple hand written note on a piece of yellow legal pad paper that is slipped into a personalized invitation envelope.  So why does it work so well?  It's easy!  Follow along.

Every day in the lives of every single person, young and old, thousands of marketing advertisements are flashed in front of your face as you are given reasons to do business with that particualr advertiser. Being the business of real estate is no different.  You are in competition with Realtors, buyers, as well as other real estate investors.  You must deliver something that is compelling and much different than what they are seeing as part of their day to day activity.

This is where the yellow letter comes in.  It's much different than anything that's out there. It gets immediate attention from the recipient, and I can honestly say that this piece of marketing just doesn't land in the trash can like the other stuff does.  It will get opened, most of the time before any other piece of mail that is received, and it will also get read.  That's pretty impressive considering the amount of mail that simply gets tossed.

The number one challenge marketers face in their business (any business - not just real estate) is getting their message read and making sure that the message is clear and precise.  The yellow letter has a definite way of doing that. There is no doubt that the piece will get read, and that the message will be clear and to the point.

If you're seeking a new real estate marketing idea, or maybe just looking to get back on track by implementing a campaign, then make the right decision and get some yellow letters out on the street and into the hands of your prospects!