Do you know what type of results you get from the yellow letter?

That is a good question, folks! You know, with typical marketing you can expect to receive .5 to 1% response rate! Kids, that is a RESPONSE rate, NOT a conversion rate! With typical marketing, your job is to take that piddly pile of suspects, turn them into prospects, and try to convert them. How many pieces of mail do you think you'd have to mail out to get resutls? I'll tell you- ALOT!

This can be quite frustrating to investors, especially when you're new to the business and trying to get your feet wet. Getting those sellers to call can be the most difficult task of all.

Now that you're using the yellow letter, you won't have any problems getting motivated sellers to call you! Your phone will be ringing more than ever before.

So brace yourself and make sure you are ready for a flood of motivated sellers calling you ready to sell you their house!

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